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First Service

Swedish Massage
  • 25 min $40
  • 50 min $70
  • 75 min $100

This relaxing massage stimulates circulation improvement through long gentle strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the superficial layer of muscle, combined with active and passive movement of joints to improve circulation and alleviate stiffness, sore muscle and fatigue.

This massage influences restoration of body, mind and soul while relieving tension, stress and strain.

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Second Service

Medical Deep Tissue Massage
  • 25 min $45
  • 50 min $80
  • 75 min $110

Advanced therapy that uses increased pressure to compress deep into muscle tissue designed to alleviate muscle discomfort, spasms, scar tissue, and chronic muscle dysfunction caused by repetitive motion and injuries.

Chronic muscle symptoms can cause pain and discomfort, ask about our 6 week program which is designed to alleviate pain, spasms and scar tissue due to injuries or repetitive use dysfunction.

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Third Service

Myofascial Release (MFR)
  • 50 min $90
  • 75 min $120

Christine has been attending John Barnes Myofascial Release seminars for the last 3 years and plans on finishing all courses to become a practitioner. She has attended; Myofascial Release I, Cervical-Thoracic, and Fascial-Pelvis. She will be attending Myofascial Release II in September. She believes these courses have improved her techniques and practice in both massage and physical therapy.

MFR is more than just a massage. it is an integrated "whole body" treatment that assists individuals in their desire to live a pain free, active lifestyle. Trauma and inflammatory responses create myofascial restrictions causing pain, headaches and restrictions in movement. MFR treats the entire myofascial complex eliminating these restrictions, and decreasing symptoms.

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Fourth Service

Hot Stone Massage 55 min $90

Indulge yourself in this unique body therapy treatment. Hot basalt stones in combination with hot oil gently and smoothly create a deep state of relaxation. Placement stones assist in warming and relaxing deep muscle tissue while massaging stones soothe the muscles with warm, gentle strokes.

The heat penetrates the muscles alleviating tension and stimulating circulation while assisting the body in self healing.

You will need to call in advance for this modality to give time for set up.

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Fifth Service

Thai Yoga Massage 55 min $90

Thai massage is a system of massage and manipulation developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as by yoga.

Performed through your clothes on a traditional mat. The therapist manipulates your body into stretching, yoga movements while using acupressure along the meridian lines for an invigorating and balancing experience.

You will need to wear comfortable fitting clothing for this modality and call in advance for set up.

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A few words about Christine Carew

Christine is a massage therapist with a medical model. She has been a Physical Therapist Assistant for 16 years and became a massage therapist shortly after. She works full time at Adirondack Tri County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in both out patient and rehabilitative services and utilizes her manual techniques to assist her patients in their progress. She also continues per diem at Glens Falls Hospital in acute rehab.

Christine has been massaging in North Creek for 14 years, starting in a room in her home and is now on Main Street above Cafe Sarah. She has a keen hand sight, finding and alleviating what causes distress in her clients muscles. After massage school she studied medical deep tissue massage with a chiropractor in Albany and learned many techniques to assist her in her quest.

Christine believes in education and is currently working on obtaining her certification in Myofascial Release with John Barnes and becoming a Pilates instructor with The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute Center (APPI).

About Me
Christine Carew
Christine Carew, PTA, LMT, CProT Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Professional Trainer

Schedule your next massage appointment. At our spa or in your home.

Christine is ready to welcome you into her world of massage.

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First reference

Our Clients say...

I have been a regular client of Christine Carew for more than 10 years, visiting her every other week for a wonderful one-hour massage. Because she is dually licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant, she is able to fully address my concerns about the various muscle injuries and aches and pains I have had to deal with over the years; in fact, she's greatly helped me when I have had to have PT sessions after various back, leg and shoulder injuries occurring from sport or plain repetitive motion overuse.

She has thousands of hours of experience, she's professional, she's tuned in to my needs and--very important--she has a great sense of humor!

My regular visits to Christine help keep me sane in times of stress. she's very sensitive to her client's body concerns and issues. I highly recommend Christine for her massage expertise, whether it's your first time or you have been getting massage for 20 years, as I have--I think you'll benefit!

Katy O.

Second reference

Our Clients say...

I have been going to Christine for therapeutic massage for years. she is the girl to see when your muscles are crying out for attention. she has worked on my neck, back, hips, shoulder, and an injured wrist, and most recently a full body deep tissue massage.I have always walked out of her massage room feeling better than when I walked in. she doesn't just give a basic massage, she gets to the root of the problem and fixes it. Since I've been seeing Christine I have cut back on chiropractic visits and have been able to continue activities that I thought my body had given up on. I have visited other massage therapists all over, yet none compare to this small town massage professional. Thank you Christine for helping me stay healthy and active!

Kerri L.

Third reference

Our Clients say...

Terrific massage from Christine! A North Creek treat!!

Terry H.

The best massages in New York! Christine customizes your massage every time. She's passionate and professional!

Rebecca F.

The perfect place to go. Whether its to relax and pamper yourself or if you are there to help reduce/relieve pain, you won't find anyone better than Christine!

Jessie W.

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